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Crown Utilities Ltd. is committed to quality service. We have a reputation for accurate work in limited time frames.

Crown Utilities Ltd. serves Winnipeg and the greater Manitoba area, as well as out of province services to suit all your business needs. Crown Utilities Ltd. is committed to strong customer service and delivering quality work when we set out to fulfill a project. As the valued customer, you can rest assured knowing that Crown’s years of experience and knowledge is setting the standard for years to come.

Crown Utilities Ltd. thanks you for visiting our website and we hope that if you have any questions or inquiries you can call us at (204) 231-1048 or you can contact us by email.

Directional Boring:

We specialize in pipeline, fibre optic, cable, gas, water and sewer lines. We can cross highways, roads, rivers, tree lines, rail lines and environmentally sensitive areas.


Our Hydro Vac services help to eliminate the time and risks involved with trenching, digging and removal of materials. We can safely and quickly provide cost effective, environmentally friendly excavating and reclamation for small to large industrial and oil and gas projects. Crown Utilities Ltd. Hydro Vac services mean ground disturbance is minimized and restoration costs are greatly reduced. The non-destructive nature of the hydrovac service allows for safe exposure of pipes, cables, conduits, and all other underground facilities; while ensuring the integrity of facilities and safety of field personnel.


Our ploughing service allows us to plough up to 6″ conduit.  We use a 155 size Komatsu dozer with a Bron III plough.  We have D7 winch dozers as well as D8 and D6 dozers.  Our vibratory plough fleet includes Ditch Witch 8020 and HT100.

Transmission Lines/Regulator stations

Crown Utilities has the capacity and experience to install main line transmission line up to 16″ in diameter.  In addition, Crown Utilities has experience in the assembling, welding, testing, and installation of regulator staions.


Crown Utilities Ltd. has a strong commitment to safety. We are a COR company. Our Health and Safety Program was designed to help identify possible hazards and prevent them. We, in partnership with our employees, are striving to create an injury free workplace.